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Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage With IKEA's Popular New Piece
Expand and organize your kitchen with IKEA’s latest affordable storage solution, the Hagaån open cabinet, which stands on a kitchen countertop, keeping your most-used items handy.
The lightweight IKEA Hagaån shelving unit is only 3 feet tall and a little over 1 foot wide, so it can fit into almost any space and can be set up horizontally or vertically.
The Hagaån is narrow enough to provide storage while still saving valuable counter space, and as it's open, it can be used to display pretty utensils, glass jars, and pantry items.
TikTok creator @interiorxlifestyle used the IKEA Hagaån to store coffee bar accessories, and TikToker @shashe.t used it to hold mugs, candles, and sauces on the kitchen counter.
Unfortunately, it isn't currently available in the U.S., but there are similar pieces you can use, like Amazon's Furinno Luder bookcase, which can store small kitchen appliances.