Outdoor wooden deck with plants
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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With These Genius IKEA Hacks
Plant Containers
TikToker @emessucculents used Sunnersta containers for a vertical plant wall using hanging bars and potting soil. You can also drill drainage holes and paint them.
Side Table
YouTuber Actually Alli DIY turned a nondescript black Gladom tray table into an elegant two-tiered side table by replacing the top piece with the Sommerdröm Rattan tray.
Umbrella Stand
Instagram’s @herzenstimme made a portable patio umbrella stand by filling an IKEA wheeled planter bin with cement and adding a wooden top to use as a side table.
Balcony Screen
YouTuber Collette created a 9-square-foot privacy screen for only $15.99 using a wooden frame and Altappen or Runnen floor tiles that just click together.
Plant Pot
YouTuber Actually Alli DIY elevated an affordable plain Nypon flower pot by repainting it with baking soda paint at the top, then adding embroidery hoops around the base.