Christmas tree next to a fireplace
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Upgrade Your Pre-Lit Christmas Tree With This Ping Pong Ball Light Hack
Artificial Christmas trees with built-in lights are a great way to avoid struggling to hang tangled string lights. However, most trees only come with small, white twinkle lights.
TikTok user @thecreativemom_blog came up with an ingenious way to introduce variety in the color and size of your tree lights with very little outlay.
Get some ordinary ping pong balls, cut a hole in each and place the opening around selected light bulbs on your tree. This instantly turns small Christmas lights into stylish ones.
You can also customize the ping pong balls to fit your holiday aesthetic. Add sparkle by glueing on some glitter, or lightly spray them in festive season colors or with spray snow.
Your decorated ping pong balls can also be used on pre-lit garlands or wreaths, as well as on any ordinary strand of holiday lights in your home or on outdoor trees.