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Upgrade Your Thrifted Chair With This Pool Noodle DIY
With a few pool noodles, a throw blanket, fabric scissors, a staple gun, and a hot glue gun, you can restore a chair from a thrift store to match your space.
Start by removing the seat cushion from the chair. Cut the pool noodles vertically in half, then cut each half to match the length of the chair's back.
If your chair requires multiple lengths, number your pool noodle pieces to keep track of where they belong in the lineup.
Use hot glue to attach the pool noodle pieces to the chair back's felt or foam covering. Once they are in place, cut a piece of your throw blanket to fit the back and arms.
Staple the blanket in place, and cut any excess fabric. Cut the hemmed edge from the blanket and hot glue it around the edges to cover the raw fabric.
Lastly, cut a piece of the blanket for your chair's cushion, attach the piece using the staple gun, and reattach the cushion to the chair.