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Upgrades That Could Make A Huge Difference In Your Home's Resale Value
To increase resale value, Cameron Johnson, founder and CEO at Nickson Living, told The Spruce that he recommends homeowners focus on three main features.
Realtors estimate that adding a garden and tending to your grass can bring a return on investment of up to 80%. Plant flowers, add a walkway, or simply maintain your grass.
Installing a fire pit will appeal to most buyers and add value without substantial expenditure. You could also consider planting fruit trees, which is proven to attract buyers.
Upgrading a kitchen is a good investment, but avoid passing fads. Instead, choose timeless cabinets and colors recommended by interior designers, like greige and navy.
Unless you overhaul the whole house, stick to simple alterations like raising the cabinets to the ceiling, adding storage, or upgrading your countertops to something like quartz.
Smart Features
With younger people buying homes, smart features have become more than a trend. According to TechJury, over 80% of buyers prefer to buy a home with smart features.
Smart options you could install include outdoor cameras that connect to your phones, high-tech air conditioning systems, smart lights, security systems, and a video doorbell.