Woman washing her hair in the shower
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Upgrades That Will Improve Your Home Shower
Install A Rainfall Shower Head
A rainfall shower head can either be attached to the ceiling directly above your head or mounted to the existing plumbing line and is like having a summer rain in your own home.
Add A Recessed Niche
Having a recessed niche will offer ample storage space with a more cohesive and visually-appealing look and make it easier to access your shower products.
Add A Bench For Safe And Comfortable Seating
Shower benches offer a safer option for showering, as well as improving the overall appearance of your space and offering additional storage space for bathroom products.
Consider Upgrading To A Steam Shower
Steam showers create hot steam that will engulf and relax you as you clean your body, saving more water than a standard shower.
Opt For A River Rock Shower Floor
Offering a more natural look, river rock floors also decrease the chance of falling in while showering and also can give your feet a light massage while you bathe.