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Urine Stained Clothes Are No Problem For This Medicine Cabinet Staple
Urine, whether pet or human, can be one of the more challenging organic compounds to remove from fabrics. Fortunately, hydrogen peroxide offers an effective solution.
When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with urine stains, it breaks down the bonds holding the stain, allowing for easier removal during laundering.
The oxidation process initiated by hydrogen peroxide not only lifts stains but also kills bacteria responsible for odor, leaving fabrics smelling fresh and clean.
However, exercise caution before applying hydrogen peroxide on clothing or other fabrics with dyes by testing a hidden area to make sure there’s no damage or discoloration.
For cleaning, place a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide on the stain directly. Allow it to saturate the affected area and let it soak for several minutes before washing the fabric.
For routine maintenance, consider adding hydrogen peroxide regularly to laundry loads, especially those with white fabrics, to prevent stains and maintain freshness.