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Use A Can Of Beer To Keep Slugs Out Of Your Garden
Using beer as a trap for slugs is a popular and effective home remedy, according to many gardeners, as the hoppy scent of beer can take on the odor of decaying plant matter.
The smell attracts these gastropods, and they become trapped inside. Slugs are nighttime feeders, so set it in the evening and replenish the trap each day.
Start by burying an old cottage cheese, yogurt, or margarine tub container until it's flush with the ground, then add two or three inches of beer and leave it out overnight.
A soda, water bottle, jam jar, or beer can filled ⅓ of the way with beer could also be used. If your container has a lid, cut holes so the slugs can enter but cannot escape.
These traps only attract slugs within a limited range, so they'll need to be placed approximately every 8 to 10 feet.
However, some slugs might visit and continue on their way without any harm, and the smell of beer might attract slugs from neighboring yards.