Pinecone as part of Christmas decoration
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Use A Dash Of Cinnamon To DIY Your Own Scented Pinecones
Cinnamon-scented pinecones, commonly found in craft and home stores, can now be easily made at home with a simple DIY method, as demonstrated by TikTok
user @newlifestyleabb.
To create these scented decorative pieces, begin by collecting some pinecones from the outdoors. It’s crucial to clean them so that they are free of debris and dirt.
Next, apply a water-based adhesive like Mod Podge to the divots of the pinecone using a small brush. Make sure you work quickly or in small sections before the adhesive dries.
Then, dust the pinecones with ground cinnamon, ensuring even coverage, and shake off any excess. Allow them to dry completely before using them in your holiday décor.