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Use A Few Dollar Tree Items To DIY A Paperwork Storage Organizer
Desks in our homes often end up being the most cluttered spots, so try creating a paperwork storage organizer with items from Dollar Tree.
Most DIY storage organizers on TikTok feature square wire nets joined with wire net connectors or zip ties, but you can also use wire trays or metal cooking racks.
TikToker @madeby_miko connects wire nets to form the bottom, back, and side structures, creating a hollow cube. Add as many shelves as you like, and place plastic trays on them.
You can also use wire trays, like TikToker DIYer @dana_burke. Position one tray vertically, then place the other two at each end to form the top and bottom sections.
Secure them together using zip ties and cut all their loose ends. For a cleaner look, you can spray paint the zip ties the same color as your tray.