Photo of the pink rug laying on the floor. The rug has a woolly look with long fibres. Fuchsia/magenta colours. Some fluffy bits of the rug sticking out.
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Use A Genius TikTok Hack To Save Money On Home Depot Carpet
While they look great and add texture to a space, area rugs often come with a hefty price tag and might not always fit into your décor budget.
Luckily, a trending TikTok video explains that, by requesting a pre-rolled carpet instead of a rug at Home Depot, you can cover your open floor for less than half of the price.
In the video, TikTok user @sydiruth shows her followers a giant white "rug," which is actually a rolled carpet with bound edges that she bought from Home Depot.
Thanks to the bound edges, the finished result looks like a giant rug, just without a specific pattern — but the creator only had to pay $90 for a covering of 8 feet by 12 feet.
Some comments did bring up the fact that not all Home Depot stores provide bonded or finished edges, so it's best to ask when you go into a store.
You should also make sure the bottom of the carpet is safe for your flooring, as it doesn't come with a backing that protects certain materials like wood.