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Use A Pool Noodle To Create A Chic Faux Stone Planter
TikTok user @watchsharesave revealed a hack using pool noodles to create a classic faux stone planter with the same look as an actual stone piece — only lighter and much cheaper.
All you need to create this organic and textured stone dupe is a couple of pool noodles, hot glue, an inexpensive plastic planter, and some stone-finish spray paint.
Begin by slicing the pool noodles in half and cutting them to the circumference of your planter. Pull the segments around your planter, and stick them to its sides using hot glue.
Close the circle of the noodle together so the seam isn't visible. Repeat along the rest of the planter until it is covered before priming the entire piece with white spray paint.
Apply a stone faux finish spray paint in as many coats as needed to fully cover the foam segments before allowing it to dry completely.
Add chips and imperfections to the foam before painting to give the stone an authentic, aged, and battered look, or buy noodles of differing widths to get variety in stone ribbing.