A push broom and a regular broom on a wooden surface
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Use A Push Broom To Easily Paint Hard-To-Reach Places
You can quickly complete any painting project using a common push broom. The only requirement for this hack is that your push broom’s handle is threaded.
To see if there are threaded grooves, grab your push broom and detach the brush head. As with an extension pole, your paint roller will thread effortlessly into this same end.
If you’d feel better while rolling your paint, add a little insurance with a piece of masking tape or painter’s tape. Wrap it around where your paint roller attaches
to the broom.
Push brooms are typically 5 feet in length, which is most likely what you’ll have on hand in your home. When used in combination with a ladder, you can reach most areas to paint.
If you need to cut in toward your ceiling, a job reserved for a paintbrush, you can still use a push broom handle, though you won’t be threading it together with your brush.
Attach a paintbrush to your push broom’s handle using masking tape or painter’s tape. While cutting-in jobs usually need to be done closer up, try finessing
this broom hack.