Electrical cords and a power strip.
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Use An IKEA Spice Rack To Hide Power Strips With This Easy Hack
While plug-in devices come with unavoidable power cords, TikTok user @yep.vanessa recommends using an IKEA spice rack to prevent them from looking untidy.
Simply place your power strip inside IKEA’s BEKVÄM spice rack before setting it against the wall. This way, your power strip will remain accessible without being an eyesore.
Since the spice rack, which measures about 15 inches long and 3.5 inches tall, is made with unfinished wood, you can paint it or stain it to match the style of your room.
However, using a wooden spice rack as a power strip cover may pose a fire hazard in case of technical issues or sparks. Additionally, it also lacks child- and pet-proof features.
So, it’s best to use the spice rack to store unplugged power strips and purchase a safe cover, like Amazon’s fire-retardant cable management box, for the plugged-in strips.