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Use An Old Yoga Mat To Prevent Flowerpot Water Leak Damage
If you’re a gardener who loves to decorate with plants, consider repurposing your old yoga mat by placing it under your flower pots to prevent water from leaking onto the floor.
To upcycle your old yoga mat as a planter coaster, get a marker, box cutters, or scissors. Simply put your planter on top of the yoga mat and trace its shape.
Next, take your box cutter or scissors and cut out the form. Be sure to sharpen your scissors beforehand in order to easily cut through the mat’s thick PVC material.
Remove your plant from its pot and place the foamy circle inside so that it blocks the drainage hole. This will ensure that no residual water leaks out.
If your plant is directly planted into the pot, simply place the yoga mat underneath the pot to separate it from the surface underneath and prevent leakage.
This hack works so well because of the mat’s PVC material, a type of vinyl that’s thick and water-resistant. This allows the water to pool on the mat rather than seep through it.
Note that this is especially true of closed-cell mats, which are water-resistant to withstand sweaty workouts. Open-cell mats are more porous and therefore may still leak.