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Use Citric Acid To Whiten Your Toilet In No Time
Citric acid, a natural acid found in citrus fruits like lemons, can whiten toilets by dissolving lime, water stains, rust, and soap scum as well as killing bacteria and viruses.
To try this greener alternative, first put on a pair of rubber gloves, as direct contact with citric acid in high concentrations can potentially burn your skin.
Pour warm water down the bowl to loosen grime, ensuring not to use boiling water straight out of the kettle, as it can crack the bowl, melt the wax ring, or damage the PVC pipes.
Grab your citric acid and disperse it around the bowl and in the water. Allow it to sit for several minutes, permitting the acid to eat away at the grime buildup.
Use your toilet brush to remove the last of the stains. They should scrub right off like they would with your harsher cleaners, leaving behind a white and clean bowl.