Mulch bed around the house and wheelbarrel along with a showel.
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Use DIY Mulch Glue To Keep Your Flowerbeds Looking Neat
Adding mulch glue to planting beds is gaining popularity. With the right formula, you can turn household glue and water into an environmentally-sound mulch adhesive.
To make mulch glue, mix one-part non-toxic white glue and two-part hot water; however, it may vary depending on how chunky your mulch is. Apply mulch glue on a dry, windless day.
Remove weeds from your flowerbed and put a proper amount of mulch spread in a level layer. Once the glue is made, you'll need to start spraying immediately.
If you have larger beds or you're edging all around your property, use a garden sprayer rather than a spray bottle. Spray steadily and evenly, avoiding a heavy hand.
Apply a thin, light coat, and allow it to dry for about an hour before lightly spraying again. Then let the glue dry thoroughly for a day or two.