A roll of silver duct tape.
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Use Duct Tape To Remove
A Stripped Screw
With Ease
When stripped screws — or screws where the slots in the screw's head have worn away — leave screwdrivers with little scope to work, duct tape can help provide that missing grip.
To remove such a screw, attach a piece of duct tape to the top of the screw, adhesive side down. Then, using a screwdriver, press firmly into the head of the screw and turn slowly.
You want to keep consistent, even pressure when turning the screw. However, be sure to use a hand screwdriver, as a power drill or driver will not work well because of the torque.
The duct tape provides the stripped screwdriver with something to hold onto. Note that a screwdriver larger than the screw head opening might help it connect and grab on better.
This duct tape hack does efficiently work, but Buy Any Part states it works best if the threads on the head of the screw aren't all the way destroyed.