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Cinder Blocks And Paint To DIY This Easy Desk From TikTok
TikTok user @shecreates.co_ crafted a desk that is both practical and attractive, and you can make one just like it with a few old cinder blocks, some paint, and a wood board.
For this hack, you’ll need at least four solid or hollow cinder blocks (or buy some from Lowe’s), a wood board suitable for a tabletop, KILZ 2 All-Purpose Latex Primer, and paint.
After cleaning the blocks, prime them to seal all of their porous gaps and to prevent the paint from cracking due to the concrete expanding and contracting from the heat and cold.
Next, paint them with Seal-Krete Concrete & Wood Satin Paint, let them dry, and stack two on each side, vertically. Finally, place the board across the stacks to create your desk.