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Use Old Tile To Transform Your Boring Garden Planter
Make a planter with old tiles using an empty two-liter bottle, patterned tiles, heavy-duty or craft glue, scissors, pebbles or gravel, and a bradawl tool for non-slip drilling.
First, arrange the selected tiles to form the desired size and shape for your planter base, then use a strong adhesive like E6000 or Weldbond to attach the tiles firmly together.
Apply the adhesive to the edges and press the tiles together. Create the perimeter of the planter first and then attach it to a face-down tile that'll be the bottom of the planter.
For adequate drainage, trim the top of the bottle so it’s the planter's height and drill holes. That way you can remove the plastic bottle to water the plant in a sink or outside.
Alternatively, you could carefully drill drainage holes directly into the bottom tile (before attaching it to the perimeter tiles) and forgo the plastic bottle insert.