Roll of gray duct tape
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Use One Clever Duct Tape Hack To Fix Gaps In Wood Flooring
TikTok user @jonesinteriors has a nifty hack for quickly fixing gaps in wood flooring, using a hammer, duct tape in two different colors, scissors, and a solid block of wood.
Add a strip of duct tape at the top end of the wooden plank that’s moved out of place, and make sure to leave a slight gap between the edge and the tape.
Take the other roll of different colored tape and stick it on top of your first strip. Remember to leave a small gap so you can peel the tape back off again.
Press the duct tape down firmly before peeling the second strip back off again. In doing this, you’ll leave behind a sticky residue on top of the first strip.
Firmly press the wooden block onto the residue. With your hammer, tap it forward and then gently to the side to move your wooden plank back into its original position.
Keep your hand firmly on the wooden block while tapping so the block doesn't fly off, and your wooden floors should look as good as new.