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Use One Clever Painter's Tape Hack For Mess-Free Pouring
Painting can be messy, but the paint splattering onto their containers can cause problems later. Luckily, you can keep your paint cans clean with this simple hack.
This trick involves using painter’s tape to create a spout in the can, allowing the paint to flow out neatly and prevent any drips from falling over the front of the can.
You only need to grab your favorite painter’s tape and rip off two strips. Create a “v” with them over the edge of the can, joining the two pieces at the tip.
Wrap painter’s tape around the entire can, just under the rim, for added protection. The tape will secure the “v” in place and add an extra barrier for the paint to drip over.
When you pour the paint into your tray, tip the can toward the “v.” When storing the paint, simply remove the angled tape and put the lid back on.
Using this hack will stop
the paint splatters from covering the label of the can and keep the can’s lid clean so you can close the lid properly to keep air out.