A swarm of gnats circling each other set against a green background
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Use One Kitchen Ingredient To Banish Pesky Gnats In Your Home
Lemon juice is a handy remedy for gnat infestations in your house. Its high acidity, thanks to the citric acid found in lemons, makes it a natural repellent for gnats.
While gnats are typically drawn to sweet and fruity aromas, the robust citrus fragrance of lemon is unappealing to them, yet it provides a pleasant fragrance to your surroundings.
To repel gnats using lemon juice, create a spray with an equal ratio of water and lemon juice, and spray the mixture on door sills and other entry points.
You can also use lemon-based cleaning products, incorporate lemon-scented candles or essential oils, or place lemon peels near windows and doors to repel gnats.