Assortment of pool noodles
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Use Pool Noodles To Cover Those Random Poles In Your Basement
TikTok user @dogthropology has shared a creative method to make an unfinished basement more inviting by using pool noodles to cover unsightly or hazardous poles.
To employ this hack, split a pool noodle down the middle — either straight or in a spiral from one end to the other — and then wrap it around the pole
for concealment.
If you're dealing with multiple poles, you can either maintain a uniform look by using noodles of the same color or introduce diversity by selecting different colors for each pole.
This hack offers a wide range of customization possibilities. For example, if there are gaps after wrapping the noodles around the poles, you can neatly seal them with a glue gun.
Moreover, you can add ribbon or twine trim to cover the cuts, paint the noodles a different color, design patterns on their exteriors, or attach items to them for a unique touch.