Organized shelf risers in a kitchen cabinet.
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8 Shelf-Riser Ideas To Keep Your Kitchen Organized
1. Multiple Layers For Dinnerware
A classic way to use shelf risers is for storing your plates, saucers, and bowls. To get the most out of your riser, place dinner plates at the bottom and bowls and saucers on top.
Not only does this save space, but it can also prevent potentially broken plates when pulling one down and accidentally taking the one on top with it.
2. Create A Coffee And Tea Station
Use a riser on your countertops to create a compact hub with everything needed to make your cup of tea or coffee. This will also free up some room on your counters.
You can have jars of grounds, beans, or tea bags on the top, and canisters holding sugar or honey can also be near. The station will help organize all your ingredients and tools.
3. Straighten Out Your Spices
Use tiered or nesting shelf risers to keep all your spice jars straight. The extra elevation will allow you to see the spices in the back without moving others out
of the way.
Keeping your spices organized will help you prepare a meal with much ease. To make things even easier, keep frequently used herbs near the front for easy access.
4. A Cooking Station Over Your Stove
Use a long or adjustable shelf riser over your stove or range to keep your everyday cooking tools within reach. A canister can hold tools such as a spatula, wooden spoon, or whisk.
Keep your salt and pepper shakers and other daily cooking essentials on the shelf to make preparing meals more streamlined. It will be a station of all your go-tos in one spot.
5. Easy-To-Reach Cleaning Supplies
Use shelf risers under your sink to keep your cleaning supplies organized. Risers with a sliding ability can also make reaching into such awkwardly shaped cabinets easier.
On top of the shelves, you can have bottles of cleaning products, and underneath the frame can house smaller items like sponges, dishwasher pods, and cleaning brushes.