White foyer and front door
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Use These Design Tips To Make Your Home's Foyer Pop
Utilize Mirrors
A mirror acts as a room-widening and functional piece of décor in an entryway. Mirrors can reflect more natural light around the room, creating an illusion of depth.
Go Bold
The foyer is the first thing guests see, so pick something stylish, like an intricate piece of art or bold wallpaper, that may feel too overwhelming elsewhere.
Visually Define It
Create visual separation between the living room and foyer by laying down rugs, one by the door and another in the living room, to show that they are separate.
Experiment with statement lighting in your foyer. Chandeliers are great if you have taller ceilings, but short ceiling lights still bring interest to an otherwise-drab lighting setup.
A small foyer allows you to experiment with intricate flooring styles, like wooden herringbone patterns or marble mosaic tiling, without spending a ton of money.