Hummingbird on feeder in rain
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Use These Dollar Tree Must-Haves To Create A Hummingbird Feeder Cover
Hummingbirds avoid feeders after rain because the water dilutes the nectar inside. Keep them coming back by covering your feeders with rain shields made with Dollar Tree items.
You’ll need some Floral Garden Square Metal Wreath Forms, plastic cable ties, and binder clips from Dollar Tree, plus waterproof tablecloths from Amazon to cover the metal wreath.
With zip ties, attach the metal wreath to the pole or tree that holds your hummingbird feeders. Now, cut the tablecloth into squares to make two protective layers for your shields.
Next, cover the wreath with two layers of tablecloth, holding them in place with the binder clips. Now, you won’t have to keep emptying and refilling your feeder after it rains.