A kitchen cabinet full of grocery items
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Use These Handy Ingredients To Get Rid Of Musty Cabinet Smells
Regular kitchen activities can make cabinets prime for acquiring a musty odor, which is often due to mold and mildew. To fight them off with ease, use vinegar and baking soda.
Empty the cabinets and look for visible leaks or patches of mildew. If there is mold on the shelf liner, consider relining the shelves. Then, leave a bowl of baking soda overnight.
The soda will neutralize any residual odor from the cabinet. However, manually cleaning the inside of the cabinets before leaving
out the baking soda will
deliver a better result.
Wipe the insides of the cabinets with vinegar and a soft cloth before rinsing it off with a wet cloth. Leave the cabinets open for a few hours or even overnight so they fully dry.
Place the dishes back in the cabinet and add a small bowl of baking soda to help absorb any future odors. Replace the baking soda once a month.