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Use These Helpful Tips When Buying Plants From Ikea
First Plant Stop
When it comes to inexpensive, quality plants, Ikea is a surprise favorite. That’s because the average plant is less expensive than comparable stores.
A snake plant costs $21.99 at Home Depot or $22.99 at Lowe’s, but only $13.99 at Ikea. The store has an impressive catalog of high quality plants even though they cost much less.
Once A Quarter
Ikea gets new plants four times a year, once in each new season. These new plants can include spring orchids or holiday-themed blooms, so check in for seasonal items.
Ikea usually restocks in February, April, August, and October, so if you go at the beginning of those months, you should be able to choose the healthiest versions of those plants.
Plan For A Monday
For the freshest plants, go on a Monday. Ikea replenishes its aisles after its weekend delivery, so you’ll have more high quality plant options to choose from.
Ikea buys from local nurseries, so those over-the-weekend plants are likely in better condition than plants at stores that get shipments from further locations.
Shop By Vibe
At Ikea you can pay less attention to a plant’s care requirements. Shelve worries about buying an overly fussy plant, and instead focus on its aesthetic appeal.
Ikeas have lots of foot traffic, many people handling the wares, and little natural light. Their plants can handle all of those things, making them hardy and easy to care for.
Inspect The Plant
Do a soil check. You don’t want soil that’s dry or chalky, so poke around until you find a plant with damp soil, as it will likely be in better health.
Check your plant leaves for health. Leaves in good health won’t hang, droop, curl in on themselves, or be discolored. Wilted, brittle, or dead leaves are unhealthy.