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Use These IKEA Products To Organize Your Garage With Ease
Work And Storage
The Bror storage combo doubles as a DIY workspace. You can customize the interior, which makes it a great choice for power tools, paints, or auto supplies.
Its metal construction is durable and can stand up to environmental factors. The exterior can also be fully customized, with options like additional shelves and hooks.
Multi-Purpose Shelving
The Hejne 3-section shelving unit has an open design that allows for easy visibility and access to items, along with adjustable shelves in each section.
The shelves can be adjusted to separate heights to customize the piece for a variety of storage needs
and its solid pine wood
ensures durability and adds
warmth to the garage.
Wall-Mounted Storage
The Trofast wall storage system keeps stuff organized and off the floor. The sliding mesh bins make it easy to see what’s inside and grab items when needed.
This unit promotes cleanliness and prevents items from getting scattered or disorganized. You can also arrange the bins for your needs and use the top shelf for larger pieces.
Storage Containers
Samla containers are one of the hottest sellers as the collection offers a range of sizes that makes them ideal for storing various items. Their uses are endless.
The airtight lids keep your items protected from dust and moisture and these clear, stackable boxes make it easy to see what’s inside as well as maximizing vertical space.
Mudroom Alternative
The customizable Pax wardrobe system can make a great mudroom alternative if you don’t have much space. You can store anything that suits your lifestyle.
Ikea also carries compatible doors you can add to the unit to protect the contents from dust and damage. It can also be used to store and categorize seasonal items in the garage.