Fresh red organic vine ripened cherry tomatoes growing on an arched cattle panel trellis in a backyard suburban home garden after a rain
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Use These Tips To Avoid Growing Sour Tomatoes
Premature harvesting or unfavorable growing conditions, such as inadequate sun exposure and deficient watering practices, can leave your tomatoes
sour instead of sweet.
Switch out your existing tomato plant for sweeter varieties and optimize growth conditions. For sweeter tomatoes, choose varieties such as Sakura, Sun Sugar, and Rosada.
Planting early and harvesting it after it matures also makes your tomatoes sweeter. Even color plays a key role, with orange and yellow varieties tasting sweeter than red ones.
Optimizing growth conditions can also help. Your tomatoes must receive at least eight hours of sunlight and be given adequate vine
growth opportunities.
Excessive sunlight and high temperatures during the growth stage will also cause the fruit to turn sour, as will overwatering your tomatoes. Be sure to prune regularly as well.
To fix soil issues, amend the soil with organic compost and reduce nitrogen. Apply potassium and phosphorus during the ripening stage and water less when the fruit matures.