Launndry room with white cabinets
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Use These Tips To Make Your Windowless Laundry Room Brighter
Repaint The Walls
Repainting the walls in a windowless laundry room creates the illusion of a brighter atmosphere. A crisp white will lighten the space, but a creamier shade creates a calmer feel.
For vibrant shades, pastel blue is a favorite, while a sunny yellow is cheery. High-gloss and semi-gloss finishes are durable and reflect the most light for a brighter feel.
Redo The Flooring Or Add Rugs
Redo the floors using durable options without much detail to lighten your laundry room visually. Engineered wood floors in light shades with subtle grains or large tiles are great.
You can also lay down an area rug to hide a large part of a dark floor. Choose a solid-colored pastel, white, or off-white rug or runner with a low-key pattern.
Change Out The Door
Replace the door with a glass-windowed design, like French doors, for a brighter, more open feel. A frosted glass door will allow light in and keep your laundry room private.
You can also remove the laundry room door entirely. Leaving an empty archway that leads into your laundry room will provide sufficient light and create a more open space.
Lighten Up Any Cabinetry
For dark cabinetry, sand down your current cabinets and apply a primer to lighten the dark surface, then apply at least two coats of a new lighter color allowing for full dry time.
Refinish the cabinets in your laundry room with neutral shades like bright white or dove grey, or make a statement with a pretty pastel pink or coastal blue.
Hang Up Mirrors
If your laundry space doesn't have a window, a mirror will make the most of the room's artificial light. This creates the illusion of a bright, open space with a stylish look.
Avoid mirrors with delicate materials when selecting a mirror for a laundry space. Ones designed for use in bathrooms will hold up in the toasty temperatures of a laundry room.