Potato plant in large pot outdoors
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Use These Tips To Successfully Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers
Sweet potatoes are quite easy to grow, but you’ll need sweet potatoes that grow in clusters rather than sporadically, to maximize your yield from a container.
You’ll need a 20- to 30-gallon container with drainage holes. This should be able
to hold around four to six “slips,” or potato sprouts
that have roots attached.
Fill your pot with four inches of moist soil, add the slips, and add another three inches of soil on top. Make sure not to fill in too much soil as your potatoes need room to grow.
Check daily to make sure the soil is moist, and water when dry. Place them where they’ll receive six to eight hours of full sun, and fertilize them every four to six weeks.
They’ll need three rounds of fertilization before harvesting. Prune any unhealthy leaves or vines that have grown too long, and watch out for pests that can infect the plants.