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Use These Two Cleaning Ingredients If Your House Smells Like Skunk
To ensure that skunk stink does not settle into the fabrics of your furniture or carpet, you can utilize the cleaning powers of vinegar and baking soda.
To clean your home after a skunk attack, use equal parts white vinegar to water, place in a spray bottle, then spritz the mix onto your carpet, curtains, furniture, and surfaces.
Another way to fend off the stink from a skunk is by leaving bowls of pure vinegar around the home. These bowls act as little odor eaters from room to room.
You can also sprinkle some baking soda around the home or outside your property. Leave it to settle in for several hours, then sweep or vacuum the powder and repeat if necessary.
Unlike deodorizing sprays or air fresheners — which will only slightly mask the smell — vinegar and baking soda actually help to eliminate the stink molecules.
Vinegar is an inexpensive, strong, natural cleaning agent that can break down pungent skunk oils and bacteria, and baking soda can neutralize the smell’s pH.