A gecko on the wall inside a house
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Use These Two Handy Ingredients To Keep Geckos Out Of Your Home
Geckos supposedly hate strong, funky smells and weird textures, so using eggshells or garlic can effectively repel them without harming the environment
or the pests themselves.
When it comes to eggshells, geckos can't stand the smell of unwashed eggs. It fools geckos into thinking they're in a chicken coop, which spells danger.
If you sprinkle some crushed eggshells near cracks, it can also stop the geckos from crossing that threshold, as
its foot sticks to the shells because of its tiny hairs.
Alternately, using fresh garlic cloves is also thought to be an effective remedy. Simply slice or grate
fresh garlic and place it strategically in areas that are frequented by geckos.