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Rats Away
You can easily create a natural repellent for rats using salt and detergent. However, you may also need sugar and flour to make the repellant more appealing to rats.
Balance the mix of salt and detergent with flour and sugar so there's enough salt that can dehydrate rats and cause kidney failure, but not so much that they avoid eating it.
Mix equal parts of salt, sugar, and flour, and add a few drops of detergent to create a thick paste. The detergent will harm the rat, but it's the salt that'll really do the trick.
Next, place the mix in rats-infested spots. It's better to do this outside so the pests don't crawl into wall spaces. If rats aren't eating the mix, you can add food items to it.
Finally, ensure there are no water sources nearby that can combat your efforts. That includes any type of container catching water from the rain or a dripping water faucet.