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Use These Two Pantry Ingredients To Easily Clean Your Rusty Grill
Come spring, there's nothing worse than popping out your grill grates for some delicious BBQ only to face some unhygienic red-hot rust.
While there are multiple ways to get rid of rust and clean your grill, one cleaning solution that truly works like magic is the chemical-free vinegar-salt soaking method.
Before you start, make sure you wear proper safety gear to protect against cuts and scratches, and wrap up electricals with plastic to prevent water exposure.
To begin, you'll need a heavy-duty garbage bag, white vinegar, and salt. The aim is to mix vinegar and salt in a 2:1 ratio for every grill grate that needs cleaning.
Place the rusted grill in the garbage bag and add the vinegar-salt mix to it to keep it soaked through the night — the grill can also be soaked in a plastic tub or sink.
By morning, the rust should have dissolved completely into the cleaning solution. For residual rust, normal table salt or aluminum foil can be used to wipe it further clean.