Wasps on a fruits
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Use These Two Secret Ingredients To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest
Not all DIY methods for removing wasp nests are equally effective, but using boiling water mixed with soap is a surefire trick that also keeps you safe from wasp stings.
The mixture can destroy the nest and kill the wasps inside. The hot water will scald them, while the soap will coat their bodies and wings, making them slower to fly out and sting.
The soap will also coat the pores that wasps use to breathe, suffocating them. You can create the mixture by adding about two tablespoons of dish soap to one liter of hot water.
If the nest is on the ground, pour the mixture into a bucket and use it to splash the nest. If it's in higher places, like a tree, use a spray bottle or hose-end sprayer.
Keep a safe distance between you and the wasps coming out of the nest, and wear protective gear or long-sleeved clothes. Spray them early morning or evening, when activity is low.