grubs curled up on soil
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Use This All-Natural Oil To Evict Destructive Lawn Grubs
Grubs are white "C" shaped lawn pests that can damage and destroy your lawn. Neem oil is a natural alternative that won’t harm your lawn like most chemical insecticides do.
Neem oil is extracted from the neem tree and is used to suffocate or repel pests in your yard naturally. It contains clarified hydrophobic extract found in processed insecticides.
Smothering works by coating the grubs in oil and causing them to suffocate and die before they mature and develop a protective exoskeleton. This works best on soft-bodied insects.
To apply the oil, simply follow the directions on the package. Some brands will have the oil diluted and ready for use, while others require dilution before use.
You need the neem oil with azadirachtin, which is labeled as "pure" or "cold-pressed" neem oil. Remember that this treatment can also harm bees and other pollinators.
Azadirachtin works by preventing insects without an exoskeleton from reaching maturity which will keep them from becoming beetles. Fewer beetles mean fewer grubs.