Orange refrigerator and gray kitchen cabinets
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Use This Bathroom Essential To Elevate Your Basic-Looking Refrigerator
By removing your fridge's plastic handles and replacing them with towel bars for either hand towels or bath towels, you can DIY your way to a more beautiful kitchen.
When selecting your towel bars, you'll need to consider the size of the handles your refrigerator already has. Towel bars can be found at hardware stores and are under $50.
Home Depot offers numerous options, including a Ruiling towel bar that comes in matte black, chrome, gold, and brushed nickel for $28, and a brass towel bar by Kohler for $35.
You can also find a JQK bath towel bar for $29 on Amazon, or if you're looking for a less expensive rack, there's a KOKOSIRI gold towel bar for $16.
Alternatively, if you have some old towel racks or opt for a cheaper version in a color you don't like, you could spray paint them to match the decor of your kitchen.