Grey pinch pleated curtains hanging from a wood and metal curtain rail with metal rings.
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Use This Clever Trick To Custom Pinch-Pleat Loose Curtains
Pinch pleat curtains are made by pinching the fabric at the top and securing it with stitches, pins, or hooks. One TikToker shared the process, and it’s pretty easy to replicate.
@thesimplecozyhaven showed how she pleats her IKEA curtains for a "gorgeous, casual look" by adding pleat hooks at intervals of 11 to the pleat tape
on the back of
the curtains.
Start by determining how full you want your curtains to be and then measure their width to ensure you have enough fabric for the number of pleats you want.
Fold the fabric at the top edge over and over and pin them as you go. Once you've created the pleats, insert a pin or hook through the bottom fold of each pleat.
To secure the pleats and hooks, use a sewing machine or sew a tiny stitch at the base of each pleat. Make adjustments if needed and iron or steam the curtain to remove wrinkles.
Note that pinch pleats go best with high-quality, thicker fabric. When pleating multiple curtains with a patterned fabric, make the pattern line up at the same spot for uniformity.