An earwig climbing a plant's leaf
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Use This Common Kitchen Ingredient To Keep Destructive Earwigs Away
To prevent earwig infestation in your home, simply apply cinnamon in its powder, liquid, or stick form, depending upon the seriousness of the problem.
If using cinnamon powder, create a powder barrier around your garden's plants, the walls inside your home, or even on counters to keep earwigs from walking around.
The potent smell of cinnamon will repel these critters, while its powdered texture is something they'd never like to walk on.
Alternatively, spray a mix of cinnamon oil diluted in water onto plants to better target and kill the bugs. Since its odor lasts the longest, it's highly effective against earwigs.
You could also strategically scatter cinnamon sticks around pots and your garden's perimeter as a preventative measure to keep the bugs at bay.
Besides repelling the
bugs, cinnamon in higher concentrations can also deter insect egg-laying altogether, which makes its aroma
and inherent chemical composition a potent weapon.