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Use This Dollar Tree Crate DIY For Extra Storage In Tight Spaces
With some crates, zip ties, foam board pieces, and contact clear adhesive shelf liners from Dollar Tree, you can add storage space to most of the nooks and crannies in your home.
Every variety of Dollar Tree crates — like wood slat crates, collapsible baskets, and wider storage baskets — as well as the other items needed for this hack costs $1.25.
Measure the area where you’ll add more storage space, and buy crates that’ll fit. Using zip ties, secure in place your desired number of crates, whether side by side or in a stack.
Insert some foam board and shelf liner into each box, making it easier to place items inside. To customize, paint them, cover them in material, or hang fairy lights around them.
While the obvious way to use crates for storage is to stack them, their hole-filled design also allows for hanging. Just ensure they can hold the weight of whatever you put inside.