Rabbit near unprotected vegetable garden
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Use This Fence Material To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden
Keeping animals out of your garden protects your plants but also the animals, as some plants are toxic to them. Building a simple bamboo fence is the easiest way to safeguard both.
Bamboo is durable, sustainable, lightweight, and attractive. It's also affordable if you assemble your own bamboo fence using jute string, bamboo stakes, and hardwood stakes.
Determine the length and height of the fence you’ll need based on what you want to keep out — 2 feet for rabbits, at least 3 feet for cats and dogs, and over 8 feet for deer.
Cut your stakes, then place two of them on a flat surface horizontally to create the upper and lower "rails" of your fence. Tie vertical stakes securely to them using jute string.
For extra sturdiness, weave a horizontal stake across the middle, over and under the vertical stakes. Finally, insert hardwood stakes into the soil and tie on your bamboo panels.
Leave the end of one panel unattached and use a gear tie to latch it onto the hardwood stake as a gate. You can also drill holes in the bamboo stakes and tie them with cable ties.