AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 04:  Stock shot of Tomatoes on the plant in a local hot house.  (Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images)
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Use This Garbage Can Hack To Keep Your Tomato Plants Healthy
Garbage cans double as a great tool to feed and water your tomato plants all season. For this hack, you’ll need a small bathroom-sized plastic or metal trash can.
Create drainage holes about four to eight inches apart in the bottom and sides of your can. Use a power drill for metal trash cans and a soldering iron if you’re using plastic.
Add two shovel-fulls of compost or a manure/compost mix to the container. Dig a hole and bury most of your garbage can on the site you’re planning to plant your tomatoes.
Leave a 4-inch lip above the ground to make sure your can doesn’t fill with soil and other debris. Next, plant your tomatoes at the distance required, depending on their type.
If you are growing a lot of large varieties of tomatoes, you may want to bury a few prepared garbage cans to make sure your tomatoes get plenty of space, sun, nutrients, and water.
Lastly, fill the trash cans with water to let it slowly seep into the soil around your tomato plant’s roots. Refill the container any time it is dry a few inches below the soil’s surface.