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DIY Trellis Cage
A trellis cage made from pool noodles is a cost-effective and lightweight addition to your garden, and it only requires PVC pipes, pool noodles, and cutting tools to create one.
Simply use the PVC pipes to create your desired trellis structure and the pool noodles to provide the cover for the PVC frame, along with some cushion and design flair.
Get materials per desired trellis size, including pool noodles and 1/2-inch PVC pipes, and cut the noodles to fit around PVC pipes' lengths. Adjust length based on plants' needs.
Make lengthwise cuts along one side of every section, then slide the pool noodles over PVC pipes until they protect each one, creating a structure with firm support and security.
Place the PVC pipes upright and anchor them securely into the ground. Pool noodles are flexible and water-resistant, providing support, structure, and protection to your plants.