Lodz, Poland - March, 4 2011: The IKEA logo is shown outside the company's store.
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Use This Hack To Turn Your Ikea Kallax
Into A High-End Looking Cabinet
If you want to get the precise look of a storage cabinet for your living room without breaking the bank, get ready for a DIY project involving the Kallax shelf from Ikea.
The gist of this DIY idea is to use doors and decorative hardware to transform a standard Kallax shelf. You can make wooden cabinet doors, or purchase Ikea’s Kallax Door Inserts.
You can keep things simple and paint the doors in a chic color, or you can experiment with new materials, such as adding a layer of woven cane or a border of wood molding.
Hardware also goes a long way in giving a Kallax shelf a fresh look. For example, add elegance with minimalist metallic handles and metal feet attached to the bottom.
With its simple, sturdy shape, the Kallax shelf is an excellent foundation for creating DIY custom furniture, no matter how you like to style your living space.