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Use This IKEA Hack To Create A Stunning DIY Cabinet Display
TikToker @theflippedpiece spent about $216 and less than five minutes to hack the IKEA RUDSTA cabinet and make it look like a high-end cabinet that could've cost almost $1,300.
To recreate the hack, buy a 31 ½ x 14 ⅝ x 47 ¼" IKEA RUDSTA glass cabinet, priced at $169.99, and a roll of wood print peel-and-stick vinyl, available at Home Depot for $45.94.
Put your IKEA RUDSTA together and cut out a piece of vinyl paper to fit the cabinet's back wall. Stick it in pieces, if the roll isn't too large, hiding the seam behind each shelf.
Add the rest of your glass shelves and decorate, just as the TikToker, who placed several items with neutral tones to match the shelf's charcoal color and the vinyl's wood print.
The TikToker also placed a small plant on top of the cabinet and a small tree taller than the cabinet on the floor next to it, adding to the DIY cabinet's chic appeal.