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Use This IKEA Hack To Easily DIY A Unique Rotating Bookshelf
TikToker @project_34_selfbuild showed how you can use SNUDDA pieces (IKEA's take
on lazy Susans) with wooden dividers and bookends to create a cute DIY bookshelf.
Use wooden lazy Susans from IKEA and wooden pieces from a lumber yard. Since this bookcase uses multiple lazy Susan tiers,
it even spins for an accessible user experience.
Get at least three SNUDDA lazy Susans to create multiple tiers so there's space for housing multiple books, especially since the wooden dividers add four sections to each tier.
Measure the diameter
of each SNUDDA top so you can cut wooden pieces to the appropriate length to form a cross.
Take your first wooden pieces, spread a line of wood glue down the thin-length edge, and secure it glue side down on the top surface.
Add two more wooden boards on both sides using a drill and some screws to keep the boards in place, which will give your bookcase the dividers it needs to create sections.
Place another lazy Susan on top and repeat this process. For extra style and security, add wooden bookends to the edge of the sections to keep the books in place.
Use your glue to draw a line on one side of the bookend to keep it locked on the board. You can further paint and decorate your bookshelf for more style and personal touch.