Bathroom accessories being stored on a shelves
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Use This Ikea Kallax Shelf Hack To Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage
No matter the size of your cramped bathroom, Ikea’s Kallax shelf hack provides a fun and creative solution to help bring a sense of calm to an otherwise chaotic space.
The Kallax shelves come in a variety of colors, like white or black/brown, and since the point of this hack is to help you organize your space, you’ll also need some storage cubes.
You may want to purchase enough cubes to occupy every cubby or just a few to hide certain products. You can also purchase inserts with doors that make the section into a cabinet.
In the TikTok video, @jellyxellie uses a row each of doors and cubes, opting for smaller, decorative containers for smaller items. Feel free to display some items in plain sight.